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Milano Slider Nova Full Moon DC Motor Fans


Milano Slider Nova Full Moon DC Motor Fans – The Best Rated Ceiling Fans

If you’re looking for a stylish and energy-efficient timber blade ceiling fan for your home or office, the Milano Slider Nova Full Moon DC Motor Fan is an excellent choice. The sleek and contemporary design of this fan makes it perfect for those who want an eye-catching addition to their indoor or outdoor décor, while the DC motor is designed to deliver maximum air displacement and use 75% less energy than typical ceiling fans, saving on energy costs and reducing carbon emissions.

These high-quality ceiling fans boast unrivalled engineering and a visually stunning design. Every fan features a handcrafted natural wood blade, 6-speed remote control, reversible motor and 18-watt dimmable LED light. They also feature a durable aluminium cast body that resists the effects of dust, rust and moisture. In addition, the fan comes with a slider function that allows you to adjust the angle of the blades for optimal airflow, which is especially useful in rooms with high or sloped ceilings.

The Best Affordable Ceiling Fans

Fans City has a reputation for stocking the best rated ceiling fans with light at affordable prices. Our workshop is backed by an active research and development team with extensive knowledge and over 20 years of experience. We employ stringent quality control checks at every stage of assembly to ensure our fans are the finest anywhere in Australia. Our products have been recommended by CHOICE for six consecutive years and have been used as part of many prestigious projects around the country, including 5-Star hotels, multiplex construction projects and more. You can rely on us to guide you through the decision-making process, maintain low prices and provide top-notch after-sales support. We also offer fast and free shipping Australia-wide on orders over $200.

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If you’re on the lookout for the best affordable ceiling fans in Australia, you can’t go wrong choosing Fans City. Have a chat with us today to discuss your requirements and get helpful recommendations.

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