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Pedestal Fans

Just like any other décor, an outdoor pedestal fan can contribute to the overall look and feel of your outer living areas. Whether you have a patio, pergola or a backyard, our range of innovative and superior quality fans will provide cooling relief while making a wonderful addition to your outdoor atmosphere.

Pedestal Fans Built for the Harsh Australian Summer

At Fans City, we offer an exquisite collection of outdoor pedestal fans that can keep your space comfortable and relaxing. It is undeniable that Australia endures fierce heat during the summer months. Temperatures can soar well over 40 degrees for many places around Australia, and sometimes this hot spell can persist for days. As it is not practical to install an air conditioning system outdoors, the best viable solution is to have outdoor pedestal fans to make it possible for you to enjoy the outdoors on hot days. Furthermore, outdoor pedestal fans allow you to adjust the direction of air flow as you like, as they are light enough to be portable.

High-Quality and Cheap Pedestal Fans You Can Trust

You’ll find that our range of outdoor fans is manufactured to withstand the harshest weather conditions, promising outstanding quality that will give you years of use.

Not only are they practical and absolutely necessary for every Australian home, but outdoor pedestal fans from our fan store can also enhance the style of your patio, deck, porch or balcony.

H2: Oscillating Outdoor Fans

At Fans City, we offer the latest range of fans in all types of designs, so you can be sure to find innovative outdoor pedestal fan models integrated with the oscillating feature. These fans are not only aesthetically pleasing; they are also ergonomically designed to distributed airflow around you. Choose from our attractive bright chrome and glossy black colour choices to give your outdoor environment a sleek and modern edge.

An outdoor fan can also serve the role of a fly screen, blocking the entry of bugs and pests to the interiors of your premises. And besides outdoor pedestal fans, we also offer a large and varied range of highly efficient ceiling fans for your outdoor spaces. Theses styles are integrated with latest technologies and feature remarkable designs, guaranteed to enhance the look of your outdoor decor.

Don’t forget to check our latest range of ceiling fans with lights for enjoying a cool air circulation with a lighting fixture.

Retail price: Contact us to find out more about the best pedestal fans available online at Fans City.

Outdoor Fans – Cinni Design Pedestal Fan Models
300 1350 50 45 220-240 30 Bedrooms/ Office Cabins/Patios
400 1330 70 65 220-240 65 Lounge /Large Bedrooms/Hotels
* Data given for all four Blade Fans
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