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As the global climate changes, so too does our heating and cooling needs. Air conditioning can be expensive to run, so why not consider installing a ceiling fan instead? Not only are ceiling fans an economical and efficient choice, but they’re also considered the easiest and most trusted cooling solution for people all over the world. At Fans City, we’re proud to offer a variety of modern ceiling fans online and in our Sydney store, serving the needs of customers all over Australia. Whether you want a living room ceiling fan or a bedroom ceiling fan, we’ve got you covered with quality ceiling fans that can help save you money on your energy bills and reduce your carbon emissions.

Ceiling Fan with LED Light & More

Fans City offers the latest ceiling fans that are fitted with lights, giving your interiors a modern edge while being right on trend. Choose from our huge variety of kit models, designs and shapes to find the perfect match for your decor and budget. Our contemporary ceiling fan with LED light can provide a cool ambience while transforming the overall look and feel of a space.

At Fans City, we pride ourselves on offering superior quality products and services that aren’t a drain on your wallet. Whether you want a traditional or modern ceiling fan, you can be certain you’ll find it here on our online store or at our Sydney showroom. We cater to a wide range of tastes, ensuring the latest styles are available to all of our customers. Increase the comfort of your bedroom, study, lounge room, kitchen or office space with our energy efficient fans online.

With extensive knowledge of ceiling fan styles and specifications, we can provide professional advice if you need ideas on styles that best fit your space. In addition to ceiling fans for sale, we also offer pedestal fans, desk fans and wall fans. Furthermore, our fans are sourced from leading fan brands in Australia, ensuring that all of our supplies will deliver excellent durability and performance.

Sturdy & Weather Resistant

Looking for an outdoor ceiling fan online that can withstand harsh and erratic weather conditions? You can find it here at Fans City. Our sturdy outdoor fans are able to endure the elements as well as create a relaxing atmosphere for your veranda. From kitchens to living rooms and patios to decks, we can provide the right fan that will look just right in your residential or commercial space.

Span (mm) RPM (max.) Wattage -High Speed (W) Wattage -Low Speed (W) Voltage (V) Air Displacement (m 3 /min) Suitable Room Size ( m x m ), No. of fans
1200 300 70 35 220-240 215 Bedroom (3mx3m)
1400 270 80 40 220-240 270 Bedroom (4mx4m),1
Lounge (6mx4m),2
1500 200 80 40 220-240 300 Big Lounge and Outdoor Gazebo (5mx6m)
* Data given for all Three & Four Blade Fans

An Effective & Economical Choice

Ceiling fans have been a cooling solution for many years and continue to be an effective and economical choice. If you’re searching for an affordable designer ceiling fan that blends perfectly with your existing decor, Fans City has you covered. We proudly offer a wide variety of ceiling fans online and in-store to serve the needs of customers in Sydney and Australia wide.

Whether you’re looking for a ceiling fan with lights or a smart ceiling fan with the latest features, you can rely on us to have everything you could want or need to make your interior spaces trendy and comfortable. We’re confident you’ll be satisfied by the performance, effectiveness and visual appeal of our fans once installed in your premises.

Whether you need a modern, traditional or a classical fan style, you can find it at our fan shop or in our online selection. Aside from increasing comfort, a designer fan can add significant aesthetic appeal to the interior and exterior areas of your premises. Functional and decorative fans from Fans City can also help you save on energy costs.

With years of experience in the industry, we can be trusted to provide a diverse range of top-quality ceiling fans in various styles, designs and price ranges. Whether you need a ceiling, pedestal, desk or wall fan, there’s nothing we can’t help you with. When you buy a ceiling fan from us, you can also rest assured that it will be sourced from a leading brand.

If you’re not sure what the best ceiling fan is to suit your needs, the dedicated staff at Fans City can help you with expert advice to ensure you’ll walk away with the perfect fan for your space.

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You can’t go wrong shopping at Fans City for ceiling fans online, including a DC ceiling fan and more. Check out our ceiling fans for sale online today, or give us a call to discuss your needs and learn more about our services. Our friendly staff are always on hand to help you find the right ceiling fan for your residential or commercial premises.

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