Wall Mounted Fans

A well-ventilated room offers a wealth of benefits. Besides expelling unhealthy bugs and allergens, a ventilated room can eliminate the growth of moulds, the risk of asthma, and other respiratory health problems. It is therefore essential that all rooms, regardless of size, are properly ventilated to ensure optimal health for occupants.

Ventilation with a wall mounted fan will dramatically reduce damp air, dust mites and the unwanted chemicals (volatile organic compounds (VOCs)) emitted from plastics and indoor appliances like furniture, computers, fittings, cleaning products, and more.

Small spaces should never be neglected. For spaces that cannot fit a ceiling fan, there is a simple solution: wall fans.

Wall Fans – A Great Alternative

At Fans City, we pride ourselves on delivering excellent solutions for all your cooling needs. We understand that many small spaces require an alternative to ceiling fans, which is why we offer a wide array of wall mounted fans within our collection.
Wall fans are an economical choice for your indoor and outdoor areas. Whether you require cooling relief for your reception area, bathrooms, balcony, patio or office lobbies, you can trust Fans City to provide the perfect fit. We offer 3 speed pull chord walls fans that are designed to deal with all space issues, leaving you with a comfortable environment no matter where you are.

Wall Fans with Added Features to Ensure Safety

As an added safety feature, our wall fans come with specially designed mesh guards. This prevents children from touching the blades and getting hurt, providing you with peace of mind.

The wall fans are also available in a range of classical styles, providing versatility to fit into any type of home decor, from traditional styles through to the contemporary. Easy to install and operate, you can enjoy the cool air in any direction as it comes equipped with a tilting function.

Looking for a greater variety? At Fans City, we also provide pedestal fans, desk fans, cabin and industrial ceiling fans at competitive prices. Give us a call today and our friendly team will help you find the perfect solution!

Cinni Design Wall Fan Specifications
Span (mm) RPM (max.) Wattage -High Speed (W) Wattage -Low Speed (W) Voltage (V) Air Displacement (m 3 /min)
300 1350 50 45 220-240 30 Bedrooms/ Office Cabins/Patios
400 1330 70 65 220-240 65 Lounge /Large Bedrooms/Hotels
* Data given for all four Blade Fans