Milano SLIDER NOVA Full Moon White (Solid Timber) Blade Fan – LED Light

Price Start From: $739

6 Speed Remote Included, New Developed Receiver Comply With Remote Handset and Wi-Fi

*Standard short pole comes with each fan. If you have high ceiling, you can buy extension pole.

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White Extension Pole

Product Description

Features of Milano Slider:

  • Unrivaled engineering and efficiency Milano Slider is one of the best design and most silent ceiling fan in Australia.
  • Unique stunning design.
  • Hand crafted natural wood blade designed for indoor and outdoor (undercover) uses.
  • Most advanced technology DC motor fan.
  • Most energy efficient ceiling fan ( high speed 23 watts, low speed 3 watts only).
  • Uses 75% less energy than typical ceiling fan. Awarded 2 year in USA “As most efficient ceiling fan” by Energy star USA.
  • Maximum air displacement but absolute quiet even on high speed.
  • 6 speed remote control.
  • 18 Watt high quality dimmable LED light ( light dimming from remote)
  • 3000K Lumen, Warm white light.
  • One of the many plus point of Milano Slider with light ceiling fan: You can keep existing light switch on wall as isolated switch and then operate fan lights ON/OFF function using that switch, also you can operate light and light dimming from your remote handset. The fan uses high quality replaceable LED panels that are easy to change with no need an electrician.
  • Angel Ceiling Features (Raked Ceiling): Milano Slider fan fit on flat ceiling or raked ceiling up to 18 degree angel ceiling.
    If ceiling more than 18 degree, we can supply one special canopy which can fit max 25 degree (Can contact with Fans City for this canopy order).
    If ceiling more than 25 degree, please contact with Fans City for further information.
  • *Hand crafted aerodynamic timber blade (NOT Cheap Plastic) for best air displacement and quieter than Plastic blade.
  • High quality dimmable, REPLACEABLE LED.



Additional Information

Extension pole need : 2.9mt – 3mt ceiling : 400mm 3.1mt – 3.2mt ceiling : 500mm 3.5mt – 3.6mt ceiling : 1000mm ( any ceiling height in between, can cut extension pole as per requirement).

Fan size recommendation :

52’’ ( 1320mm) : if room size 3mt x 3mt (or less) up to 3.5mt x 3.5mt



Q: What is minimum ceiling height required to install Slider Junior fan

A: You can install this model if you have ceiling height minimum 2.4mt. all fan comes with short standard pole. If your ceiling more than 2.8mt then you get extension pole.

Q: What is the noise level of this fan

A: This is quietest ceiling fan in Australia, Highly recommended by CHOICE (Consumer Group) test for Seven consecutive years and noise level is only 29db at the medium setting.